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What if You Left TMJ Untreated?

Posted on 11/7/2022 by Evan
What if You Left TMJ Untreated?TMJ is a condition that causes chronic aching within the joints. Most people do not understand the effects of TMJ disorders; thus, most are always in ignorance. Specific symptoms such as pain around the neck and face, jaw pain, headaches, and dizziness are some symptoms that signal that an individual is suffering from TMJ disorder.

What Happens If You Leave Your TMJ Complaint Unaddressed?

Early treatment of TMJ disorder is necessary as it will lower pain and prevent the worsening of the condition. However, when the TMJ condition is not addressed and looked upon medically, it can result in the following.

Disturbed Sleep

Untreated TMJ disorder can result in disturbed sleep due to the extreme pain and discomfort it brings the individual. The sleep pattern is disrupted at great length and can result in lower concentration, anxiety, and depression. Additionally, sleep deprivation can cause the occurrence of other medical conditions.

Improper Teeth Bites

TMJ disorder can result in developed tooth bites, especially for misaligned teeth. Improper teeth bites are painful and, in most cases, contribute to severe orthodontic issues that are only dealt with through surgical intervention.

Chronic Pain

Untreated TMJ disorder can increase and cause high migraines and pain within the neck, ear, eyes, and jaw area. The increased pain can also contribute to adverse effects on the body's health and may result in severe medical conditions such as paralysis.


Untreated TMJ disorder may cause the development of Tinnitus which is a sensation of constant ringing in the ear which can be stressful and uncomfortable and may cause disruption to standard sleep patterns.

In conclusion, an Unaddressed TMJ disorder is critical to your health. Therefore, if symptoms of its development, such as chronic pains around the neck and jaw, are felt, the individual must seek preferable dental care to deal with the situation.

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