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Dental Bonding
Pembroke Pines

Man smiling in front of a blue background after his dental bonding procedure.If you have a tooth that has a crack or a chip in it, you may need dental bonding. This technique can repair these damaged teeth by using a resin to fill in the cracks or replace the chipped away part. If a filling or a dental crown is not the right solution for repairing the damage, we may recommend our patients at Everglades Family Dental consider bonding. It can be the best option for repairing a tooth and restoring your perfect smile.

What Is Bonding?

If you have a tooth that is slightly damaged, a filling or other solution may actually not be needed if you have not lost any functionality. Instead, the cosmetic procedure of bonding may be the better option. When we apply bonding to a tooth, we add a small amount of a composite resin to the tooth, restoring the part that was damaged. This resin can be molded to perfectly recreate the chipped off part of the tooth or to fit into a small crack. Once it is in place, we harden it with a UV light.

The biggest benefit of bonding is its flexibility. We can mold it into any shape necessary, so it can be used to repair just about any type of minor damage. We can even add a very thin layer of bonding resin to a tooth to restore its white color if other whitening techniques are not able to achieve the look you want.

It is important to note that bonding is more of a cosmetic solution, not a restorative one. It cannot be used to repair cavities or to protect a tooth like a dental crown would. Instead, it is used to repair very minor issues so that your teeth look natural.

The Bonding Process

The process of repairing a tooth using bonding resin is simple, and it can be done within an hour. We will take a look at the tooth first to determine exactly what we need to do to make it look perfect. We also compare your teeth to a shade chart so we can make certain the color of the bonding resin matches. Most patients do not want to have a tooth repaired only for the resin to stand out.

Once we have tinted the resin and are ready to place it, we will rough up or scratch the areas where we are applying the resin. This makes it easier for the resin to adhere to the tooth. We then add adhesive to the tooth before placing the resin and molding it to fit the space. Once we have created the desired shape, the resin is set using a UV light. After that, we polish it to remove any rough or sharp edges.

Once hardened, the resin is incredibly durable and will last for quite some time. However, biting down on something very hard such as an ice cube or being hit in the face can knock the bonding loose. If that occurs, contact Everglades Family Dental at (754) 764-0465
as soon as you can so we can schedule a repair session.

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If a filling or a crown is not the right solution for repairing the damage, we may recommend our patients dental bonding. Click here to learn more.
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