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Dental Bridge
Pembroke Pines

Rendering of a dental bridge.A bridge is a solution for replacing several missing teeth in a row. While you can get a partial denture or even have implants to replace these teeth, a bridge is often the easiest option. It “bridges” the gap between your natural teeth like a partial would, but unlike a denture, the bridge is permanent. Once it is in place, you do not need to take it out or care for it in any special way. Here at Everglades Family Dental, we are happy to talk to you about replacing missing teeth with a bridge or with another solution.

How Does a Bridge Work?

A bridge is a set of artificial replacement teeth that are connected together. This set of replacement teeth is placed where your missing natural teeth were. They are then connected to the teeth on either side by wires and [[[page:56776|crowns]]. This does mean that we have to place crowns on those teeth, which may mean shaving them down. However, without this support, the bridge would not be strong enough to stay in place.

Each bridge is custom-made for the patient. This means it will perfectly fit into the space. The replacement teeth are designed to look like your natural teeth, and they can even be tinted so they do not stand out. These teeth can be made from several different materials.

Traditional Dental Bridges

There are a few different types of bridges you can get. These type you need depends on where the bridge will be placed. Traditional bridges sit between two natural teeth and, as mentioned, are anchored to those teeth by dental crowns or, in some cases, implanted posts on either end of the bridge.

Cantilever Bridges

If you do not have a natural tooth on both sides of the space, you may need a cantilever bridge. This option was once used for those who needed a bridge to replace their back teeth. However, because of the pressure placed on the single tooth that the bridge was anchored to, it is not used as often as it once was.

Resin-Bonded Bridges

A resin-bonded bridge, sometimes referred to as a Maryland bridge, is not anchored to any of your teeth. Instead, the replacement teeth are connected to a metal or porcelain frame. This frame has supports on either side that are then connected to your natural teeth to help keep it in place.

The Procedure to Place a Bridge

You will need to come in for at least two visits to get a bridge placed. The first visit involves preparing your teeth to serve as anchors if needed, cleaning and preparing your mouth, and creating an impression and taking measurements we use to create your bridge. We will place a temporary bridge before you leave.

During your second visit, this temporary bridge is replaced with your permanent one. We attach it to your teeth and will adjust it until you are comfortable. Following this, you may need to come in for a few checkups and adjustments.

Are you missing teeth? If you are, a bridge may be the right solution. Call Everglades Family Dental at (754) 764-0465 to set up an appointment to discuss your oral health needs.

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Here at Everglades Family Dental, we are happy to talk to you about replacing missing teeth with a bridge or with another solution.
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