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Dental Veneers
Pembroke Pines, FL

Woman smiling in a dental chair at Everglades Family Dental in Pembroke Pines, FLIf you dislike how your teeth look, one cosmetic option to change their appearance is to get dental veneers. Dental veneers do not repair damaged teeth or improve the functionality of your teeth. However, they do make your smile look perfect. They can replace dental bonding and teeth whitening. If you are interested in dental veneers, Everglades Family Dental can help you determine if they are the right solution for you.

What Do Veneers Do?

You may have already met people with dental veneers, but you likely did not realize it. From the outside, dental veneers look exactly like real teeth. However, they are actually thin shells made from porcelain or resin. These shells are attached to the front of your teeth, so it appears to others that your teeth are perfect. While they change your appearance, veneers do not change your speaking habits, nor do they present a challenge when eating. They may take a little getting used to, but you will quickly adapt. Veneers are a permanent addition to your mouth. Due to how they are attached, you also have to keep dental veneers once you get them.

Veneer Options

Dental eneers can be made out of two materials, each of which has different benefits. Veneers made out of porcelain look very natural and last for a good amount of time. Porcelain also does not stain very easily. On the other hand, veneers made from a composite resin are less costly and can be placed more easily and quickly. They are also easier to repair if damaged.

Getting Veneers

When you come in to have your veneers placed, the first step is to actually shave some of the enamel off of your teeth. Without doing this, the veneers would stick out when placed on top of your teeth, making them very noticeable. It is because we have to remove a layer of enamel that you must keep your veneers for the rest of your life. Otherwise, your teeth would be weakened and could very easily be damaged.

Once we have completed shaving down your teeth, we measure them and make an impression. We use this to craft the veneers so that they perfectly fit your mouth. We will also help you determine the right shade of white for your veneers. Before you leave, we will place temporary veneers over your teeth so they will be protected.

During the second visit, we place your permanent veneers. We will use an adhesive to attach them to your teeth and help you get comfortable with them. We will also schedule a follow-up visit so we can make any necessary adjustments and answer all of your questions.

Are Veneers Right for You?

If you have damaged or stained teeth and want to repair your smile, veneers can be the answer. They do hide stains, chips, and other cosmetic issues, and they can make a misshapen tooth look normal. They are also a good solution for hiding larger than normal gaps between teeth.

However, you do need to have good oral health, including healthy gums, before we can place veneers. We will need to treat cavities, gum disease, and any other condition before you can get veneers. If you often suffer from bruxism and grind your teeth at night, veneers may also not be the right solution because they could easily be broken. If you would like to discuss veneers and determine if they are right for you, we can help. Call Everglades Family Dental at (754) 764-0465 to schedule a consultation.

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If you would like to discuss dental veneers and determine if they are right for you, we can help. Call Everglades Family Dental to schedule a consultation.
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