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Teeth Whitening
Pembroke Pines, FL

Before and after photo of teeth whitening treatment at Everglades Family Dental in Pembroke Pines, FLIf your teeth are stained, you may find it embarrassing to smile. The enamel on your teeth can become stained from a number of different sources, but regardless of why you have stains, you likely want them gone. Here at Everglades Family Dental, we can assist you in achieving that goal with a professional whitening. This procedure has advantages over the at-home whitening kits you can purchase at most stores. While those kits may not give you the results you want, we can.

Why Come in for a Professional Whitening?

A professional whitening can restore your teeth to the brilliant white color they originally had. Many people, especially those who are on television or work in public relations, want to have a bright white smile. Even those who do not work in such areas may be embarrassed by their stained teeth. Many of these people turn to at-home whitening kits only to be disappointed after trying several of them.

There are a few reasons why these kits do not work as well. First, they do not use the same powerful whitening agents we have access to. Second, they often do not fully coat all of your teeth. For example, the whitening trays some kits use may not fit your mouth quite right, leaving parts of your teeth uncovered. Other solutions may rub off quickly, leaving spots of discoloration that stand out and can be even worse than your original stains. Others may actually make your teeth look unnatural.

What Causes Teeth to Be Stained?

Teeth can get stained by several things. While all teeth start out white, they can quickly change if you drink or eat the wrong foods. Coffee, dark sodas, teas, and even dark fruit juices can cause stains. Eating blueberries and other dark berries may stain your teeth, too, especially if you don’t brush your teeth after eating them. Smoking and using nicotine products is another cause of stains. If you take antihistamines or antipsychotics, you may want to ask your doctor if they will stain your teeth. Some medications can cause stained teeth as a side effect.

The Professional Tooth Whitening Process

When you come in for a professional whitening, the first thing we do is coat your gums in a protective gel. This prevents the whitening agent from getting on them. Next, we coat your teeth in the whitening agent. You will need to leave it on your teeth for a few minutes. In some cases, we then cure the gel with a special UV light if it requires curing. Once the gel has set, we rinse it off and clean out your mouth. We may also give you a fluoride treatment to help protect your newly whitened teeth. Overall, the entire procedure takes about an hour.

If your teeth are lightly stained, one procedure may be enough to give you the smile you want. If the stains are darker, though, it could take a few treatments. Either way, we are ready to transform your teeth. Contact Everglades Family Dental at (754) 764-0465 today to book a cosmetic whitening treatment.

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