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Tooth Extraction
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Woman holding cheek due to tooth ache in Pembroke Pines dental office.No one wants to have a tooth removed, but there are times when an extraction is the only option. Removing a tooth is typically the last resort, but there are several reasons why it must be done. If you come to Everglades Family Dental, we will do everything we can to save your natural teeth, but if we have to extract the tooth, we will do so in the most effective way possible. Understanding why an extraction may be necessary can help you avoid these situations.

How Are Teeth Extracted?

When you come in for an extraction, you can expect a fairly simple, straightforward process. We will numb the area around the tooth to be removed, then use a number of different tools to remove it. If there are no complications, we can have the entire process done in an hour or less. In some cases, such as with an impacted tooth or a tooth that has broken, we may need to surgically extract the tooth. This means we will need to cut into the gum in order to remove all of the tooth. It does take longer, and it is a more invasive procedure. Your recovery time will take longer, too, because your gums will need to heal from the incision.

Prior to the Tooth Extraction

Before an extraction, though, you will need to come in for a consultation. During this appointment, we will use an imaging device such as an x-ray to examine the tooth and the rest of your mouth to make certain the extraction is the right course of action. We will talk to you about your overall health and review your records to determine if there will be any complications or other issues to deal with. Depending on your health, you may need to take a round of antibiotics prior to the extraction, especially if we have to do a surgical extraction.

When Is a Tooth Extraction Done?

While we try to find other solutions, there are times when we simply have to extract a tooth. If you have a tooth that has become very worn down, damaged, or decayed to the point that a filling or crown will not repair the damage, the only option is to remove it. The same is true if a tooth has an infected root that cannot be cured via a root canal or other option. In order to prevent the infection from entering the gums and spreading, we remove the tooth.

Those with advanced gum disease may also have teeth that have to be removed. This often occurs when the gums and jawbone simply cannot support the teeth any longer. We may need to extract the teeth before they come out on their own. If you have lost many teeth already, we may need to remove the natural teeth that remain so you can make use of dentures.

There are a few other reasons why extractions may be necessary. If your mouth is too crowded and your teeth are out of alignment, we may need to remove one tooth in order to provide enough space for the others to align correctly. We also often extract wisdom teeth due to the fact that they do not come in properly or cause other issues.

Do you think you have a tooth that needs to be extracted? Call Everglades Family Dental at (754) 764-0465 today to arrange a consultation.

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At Everglades Family Dental, we will do everything we can to save your natural teeth, but if we have to extract the tooth, we will do so in the most effective way possible.
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